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First Full Week

After 20 years of dreaming, I finally spent a full week working on building a video game and it was amazing! This is the first of many I spend the next year working on this project. I spent most of the week tweaking the collision detection and optimizing how the different unites will detect each other on the map. I setup 2, 2D mapping arrays where each index will represent a 5x5 grid. One for the players units and the other is for their enemies. When a unit moves on the map it will simple check the surrounding spots on the opposing map. This means units can detect each other from up to 10 tiles away with a very quick check. It also means the detection range will not be fixed. This will give the appearance of some randomness in how enemies will react. I also spent some time working on the Mage art work, show here:

Remember this art work is not final, but it's much better than before.