Factions of Isserac

The Risen Alliance

Rise as one, unite for all.

Rising from the ashes of the Isserac Empire, the Risen Alliance was built on a foundation of merchants driving a prosperous economy and noble knights protecting the distribution of precious resources. Shrewd diplomacy and defensive postures have kept relative peace for one thousand years, and many whisper the Alliance’s greatness rivals the Isserac Empire. The Alliance has managed to establish many lorecraft academies, where their scholars toil to rediscover ancient histories and magics. Its armies and navy are the most disciplined and numerous in Isserac, but suffer from being stretched thin across a vast and fractured territory.

The Rebellion

Liberty is law!

Tired with the yolk of corrupt officials and unreliable protection from pirates, the rebellion was a powder keg waiting to be lit. When the emperor refused to pardon initial separatists, an underground movement of righteous revolutionaries took to the offensive. The rebellion has impacted every facet of life, pitting siblings against one another, and severing the strongest of blood pacts. Many loremasters have joined the rebellion; new exploratory codes allow powerful alchemical and occult discoveries to occur, further aiding the rebel cause. While the rebels struggle to supply full offensives, their guerilla tactics and streetwise propaganda have turned the tide of many entrenched battles.

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Winterland Exiles

The rapture is upon us.

The cold, bitter winds of Winterland haunt the exiles that fled there long ago. The land is rife with magics only the wisest Magus Elders understand. They alone carry the memories of the Isserac Empire they descend from, the full impact of their people’s destiny laid out before them. Now, for the first time in a thousand years, the Winterland oath-tribes leave their shores in deadly warboats, seeking to prey upon those who would steal their birthright. As the rapture dawns upon the old continent, the Winterland Exiles seek to bring about a new era of glory and the return of the gods.

Pirate Federation

Blood for gold, gold for glory!

As the merchant fleet of the Risen Alliance grew, so too did the opportunity for great plunder. When fleeing or stashing their treasure, many pirates took to an archipelago of islands, far off the south-west coast of the continent. Treacherous, half-sunken ships now mar the archipelago as much as islands, inlets, and sandbars. All manner of rogue may be found in the archipelago – pirate, thief, assassin, bounty hunter – and all pursue the self-serving right to gain gold and glory through whatever means desired. Recently, the most powerful and feared of the pirate lords have managed to strike a loose treaty, forming a scoundrel’s armada. They refrain from cutting one another’s throats to focus their tools of malice on the scattered ports across the continent. Betting pools to see which lord will be the first to backstab the other grow each day.

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