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Zachariah Iswaldi

Knowledge never dies.

Zachariah Iswaldi was born into a poor family of store clerks, yet became the youngest student to be enrolled in an Alliance academy, graduating at the top of his class. Obsessed with knowledge in all its forms, he memorized a dozen languages, rediscovered an ancient water pumping technology, developed a new mathematical formula for bridge building, and learned the magics of lorecraft. But Zachariah soon found his true calling: to complete the missing history of the Isserac Empire’s collapse. Subscribing to outlandish theories, Zachariah’s jealous colleagues were eventually able to persecute him as a treasonous, unstable heretic, permanently exiling him from the academies of lorecraft. With his quest unfulfilled and running out of opportunities to gather the information needed, he eventually wound up advising a mercenary outfit, using his vast arsenal of intellect to inform his compatriots.

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Sgt. Margot Henessee

Justice needs no faction.

All Margot Henessee ever knew was war. Born in a central province constantly swapping allegiances, Margot sympathized with the rebel cause and quickly rose in command. After years of service in ruthless street fighting and earning a fearful reputation, Sgt. Henessee mastered the art of war and pushed for an aggressive offensive campaign. Eventually disillusioned with the rebellion’s bloodthirsty tactics and fearing a growing corruption through the brass, Sgt. Margot Henessee sought a new service. Joining a mercenary outfit is her effort to control some of the necessary violence dealt in the direction of justice, though this decision is joined with a cold tactical mind unmatched by many of her more senior colleagues.